Average Day at Club SPARK!

What Does An Average Day at Club SPARK Look Like?

We're so excited for Club SPARK this Summer! Though no day at Club SPARK will be exactly the same, this is a run-down on what a day at Club SPARK could be like!

The day starts with a Morning SPARK!
A small simple project, warm-up game, activity preparation for a later adventure.

Next comes Theater Arts!
Including improv, physical comedy, and theater games and exercises.

Move on to Music!
We love moving to the beat here at SPARK Arts! We might pull out our African drums or make our own! Singing, dancing, song-writing, rhythm circles and disco dance parties!

LUNCH TIME! Bring your own. If the weather is nice we may picnic in the gazebo at the municipal center. Perhaps this is the day we go to Famous Pizza instead! (Of course parents will have plenty of advance notice for that!)

Afternoons can vary depending on the day of the week or what else is happening at SPARK Arts on that day. Normally we'll do an Art Project after lunch. Our Art Projects will be based on skill and age level of the campers in the camp, but can range from paper-mache to painting on canvas, clay, drawing or upcycling. Then the last part of the day will be movement! Movement can mean a lot of things! One day we could be doing Zumba, another day we could be doing Yoga. Some days we may be dancing, and some days we may be doing Martial Arts or Tai-Chi!

The very last part of the day before pickup is Afternoon SPARK, where we might wrap up a project or activity from earlier in the day or play games outside (weather permitting). On certain days we are also having what we are calling 'X-Blocks'. These X-Blocks take up the entire afternoon on Wednesdays and Fridays. During these days, we'll be doing something a little extra-ordinary. We could be finishing up a project from another activity, we could be taking a hike or doing an activity outside. We could be taking a trip somewhere in Downtown Bethel, or preparing for a showcase of an activity we've been doing.

But really, there will be no average day at Club SPARK! We have so many fun and AWESOME activities planned for this summer and we'd love to include your child in all of it! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!