CT Holistic Health & Lifestyle Alliance

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Healthy and positive minds unite!

September through December, third Sundays

September 17 Carol Egan:  "Digestive Health & Detox"
October 15 Alison Anderson: Improve Youth Health Using Your Brain/Body Connection
November 19  Muneeza Ahmed:  "Healing with Medical Medium Protocols"
December 17 Mark this (December) date! Details coming soon.


From the CTHHLA Meetup page:

Created by Rosa Conti in 2008, the CHHLA is a real-life call-to-action holistic health (mind/body/spirit) grassroots multi-community initiative that currently unites a fast growing tribe of 2,000+ local and interstate-wide enlightened members.

OUR VISION is to unite an inspired, cooperative-spirit of like-minded people who want to create a ripple effect of healthy awareness first in OURSELVES, second in our COMMUNITIES, and then across this big blue PLANET we share.

To do this, we are dedicated and excited to introduce to you an impressive landmark collaboration of industry health coaches, healers, educators, and motivational speakers who will passionately widen your knowledge; benefit your health; inspire your thinking; empower your Life journey; and transform your SACRED SELF through your own learning, experimentation, discovery, self-growth, and personal evolution.

The members we attract are harmonious in their interests in mindful eating, positive living, alternative healing remedies, wellness-oriented lifestyle choices, living purposefully, protecting and growing our world stronger, cultivating gratitude and kindness, and loving themselves up with self- and spiritual-growth.

Our programs are designed to inspire and empower and are delivered via live workshops, local events, and (upcoming) various online multimedia platforms. CHHLA events are currently physically located throughout Connecticut. Members at all stages of growth are welcome to attend our meetings!