School of Dance

2017/2018 Dance Schedule & Descriptions  - YOUTH & ADULT

The 2017/2018 schedule runs September 11 - June 8.
Some classes will culminate in a recital piece in the Circus & Dance Spectacular on June 9.
Adult classes are not recital classes unless the class collectively chooses to participate, but still run on the same schedule as the youth program.

$65/mo for 45-60 minute classes*
$80/mo for 90 minute classes*
*YOGA is on a different system. $65 monthly registration and $20 drop-in fee.
Trial classes are $10 and must be arranged in advance.
Two month committment is required at registration.
Registration is continuous and will be billed on the 1st Wednesday of each month, September 2016 to May 2018
Sibling Discount: 10%
Multi-Class Discount: 2 classes 10%, 3 classes 20%, 4 classes 30%, 5+ classes 40%


8:00-9:00 Bellydance for Teens & Adults

4:30p-6:00p Core Circus, ages 9 & up
6:15p-7:15p Equilibristics & Balance, ages 8 & up (postponed)

10:15a-11:00a Big Little Circus ages 3-4
5:30p-7:00p Yoga for Teens & Adults
6:00-7:30 Art Studio ages 7 & up
7:00-9:00 Community Juggling Club

4:30p-5:30p Core Circus, ages 5-8
5:45-6:45 Circus Fit, ages 7 & up (postponed)

4:45p-5:45p Dance Mashup, ages 7 & up

10:15a-11:00a Dancin’ Darlings Ages 3-5
11:15a-12:15p Ballet for Teens & Adults





Ballet/Tap Intro – Rachel Parille
Fridays 4:30-5:30, Ages 5-7

In the Introduction to Ballet/Tap class we will study the basics of ballet and tap. The time will be split between the two styles and will allow your child to develop the important, beginner techniques while expressing their creativity and having fun! This class is for ages 5-7. Register for this class.

Ballet 1 – Rachel Parille
Fridays 5:45-6:45, Ages 8 & up

In Ballet 1 we will explore the technique of ballet and will further enhance the beginning lessons of this style. We will focus on body placement, technique, and structure to build the basics needed for all dance styles. This class is perfect for those who have studied some ballet and wish to enhance their knowledge, or for those who have no ballet experience at all. This class is for ages 8-10. Register for this class.

Ballet 2 – Ashley Malbin
Wednesday 6:45-7:45, ages 10 & up

In this class we will review ballet basics as well as build on them. Our focus will be building technique and body placement as well as becoming more dynamic ballet dancers. Register for this class.

Ballet for Teens & Adults – AJ Ascher
Saturday 12:30-1:30

In this class we will focus on technique and precision.  As technique progresses there will be more intense instruction in musicality and expression. Translating what you are hearing and what you are feeling into motion. Register for this class.

Bellydance for Fun & Fitness – Kristy Liotta

The art of bellydance was was created BY Women and FOR Women to keep bodies, minds, and spirits toned, refreshed, and full of joy. Join us in this special class and learn basic and intermediate moves. No experience necessary! No difficult choreography to master. Just passionate, sensual, and beautiful fun for women of all ages. Teens through older adults welcome! Wear comfortable clothes. You may dance with socks or barefoot. Register for this class.

Conditioning for Teens/Adults – Adelka Polak
Wednesdays 7-8pm, teens/adults
A fun way to stay in shape while learning to relax the muscles!  Instructor Adele Polak guides the class through dynamic stretching for full-bodied movement, then focuses on core-strengthening exercises on the mat combined with stretches that will unwind tension held in our back, necks and joints.  This class is perfect for anyone who would like a companion class or healthy alternative to something like yoga.  Mindful, beautiful, sharp… we can become just that with these exercises that fill one with breath and joy of life. Register for this class.

Contemporary/ Lyrical – Rachel Parille
Thursday 5:45-6:45, ages 10 & up

In Contemporary/Lyrical we will express our emotions through body movement to create thought and feeling-evoking dance combinations. This style combines ballet and jazz techniques with less structure and rules. Contemporary/Lyrical will focus on expressions of creativity through free-flowing movement. This class is for ages 10 and up. Register for this class.

Contemporary/Improv – Adelka Polak
Thursday 10-11:30, Adult

Contemporary Improvisation invigorates the mind and body to find a great sense of physical freedom.  This class is designed to foster people’s own individuality in movement whether you are a professional dancer/yogi or someone who has wants to explore your own potential.  While increasing flexibility, balance, coordination, and stage presence, the class consists of structured movement improvisation and exercises that open up the senses to heighten the perception of our surrounding space.  This full body workout will help the body's movement feel organic and more flexible.  Exploring movement possibilities in this format tends to be the basis for contemporary choreography, so artists can be inspired here within the group experience. All levels welcome. Register for this class.

Dance Mashup – Rachel Parille                 
Thursday 7-8pm, ages 8 & up

In Dance Mashup we will get to explore a little bit of every style of dance including: ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, line dance, and more. This class is perfect for those who want to try a little taste of every style and see which one speaks to them. Dance Mashup requires no previous dance experience and is perfect for those who have always wanted to try dance but didn’t know where to start! This class is for ages 8 and up. Register for this class.

Dancin’ Darlings – Instructor TBD
Saturday, 10:15-11, Ages 3-5

This class will work on beginning ballet steps, creative movement, rhythm and coordination. Dance to music ranging from Disney to Brahms. Soft-soled ballet shoes or slippers recommended. Register for this class.

Dancing Cards – Rachel Parille & Ashley Malbin
Saturday 11:15-12:15, for families, teens, & adults
A community dance improvisation class! Using Dancing Cards images and instructions as inspiration for movement, this cooperative class builds self-confidence and trust in all participants as they create dance and movement routines together. The non-judgmental approach towards movement awareness, the observant mind, makes dance experience free of stress and enjoyable. In addition to traditional benefits from physical activity the Dancing Cards movement tasks promote fine- and cross motor skills, spatial awareness and boost creative thinking.  When you are improvising with the Dancing cards, you practice problem solving while in motion. Register for this class.

Hip-Hop – Adelka Polak
4:30-5:15 ages 5-7

This Hip Hop class gets everyone moving and having fun by learning some cool new moves.  We begin with a great warm-up, learn a dance combination and then end with a little break-dancing.  This class is a great introduction to Hip Hop, working on strength, coordination, rhythm and happy kids! Register for this class.

5:30-6:30 ages 8-12
This Hip Hop class gets everyone moving and having fun by learning some cool new moves.  We begin with a great warm-up, learn a dance combination and then end with break-dancing or let the kids create a number together.  The process opens the opportunity up for the kids to become leaders and work in groups.  While great for all levels, Hip Hop works on strength, coordination, rhythm and individual expression! Register for this class.

Jazz – Ashley Malbin
Monday 6:45-7:30, ages 10 & up

In this class we split the time in half to cover two different styles. We will cover basic through intermediate tap techniques with a focus on classic tap style. The perfect class for beginners and also for those with some tap experience. Tap shoes are required for this class. Then we will combine ballet and contemporary movement as well as modern music. We will cover basic jazz techniques and build on them throughout the class.  Register for this class.